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“City guides with a Wes Anderson aesthetic.”

“An intricate portrait of place.”

“Soulful, gritty, and just as relevant for locals as tourists.”

“Fantastic gifts for just about anyone.”

“A decidedly hip spin.”

“This series gets at the soul of a city.”


Off-the-radar parks for more seclusion and fewer selfie sticks.

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Here, opposite Eastern Market and its Saturday morning rhubarb and peppers — and, now, its food trucks selling confit pork belly tacos — the oldies play and the pit smoke rises.

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Hunkered down in the heart of Nashville’s Gulch, The Station Inn stands like a stubborn stone that can’t be budged – sturdy, cinder-blocked, a timbre from another time. Inside the beer signs light up in the dark room. Patrons grab mismatched chairs at long tables. And the twang of a banjo hollers out against the wooden thump of doghouse bass.

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“Because I play, I know the potential of an instrument."

- Martin Krusche, brass repairman