As today’s crossroads for Southern cool, Nashville is a salt lick for creative folk from all walks, the kid carrying a beat-up guitar off the Greyhound included.



Things to do in Nashville to get the real thing in the city.

  • Stop in the Sunday jam at divey Santa’s Pub with the Ice Cold Pickers band, 7PM sharp

  • Brave the line at meat-and-three steam counter lunch at Arnold’s Country Kitchen

  • Enjoy a tranquil morning walk around Radnor Lake, spring blooms or fall color

  • Hit up a vinyl release show at Grimey’s New and Preloved Music in East Nashville

  • Eat a divine Freestone peach right the brown bag from cult-favorite The Peach Truck


"I’ve been chasin’ the big wheels all over Nashville, waitin’ for my big break to come. Livin’ on ketchup soup, homemade crackers and Kool-Aid. I’ll be a star tomorrow, but today I’m a Nashville bum."



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