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Lauren Bush Lauren, FEED Projects

Friday, May 25, 2018
This month we partnered with our friends at FEED Projects as they launched their new collection of travel bags. Last week, we chatted with FEED founder Lauren Bush Lauren and asked her a few of our favorite questions about traveling. 

 What’s your earliest memory of travel?
Driving into the Rocky Mountains in my family’s station wagon for a weekend of skiing or hiking in nature.


 What's one place in the US where you've never been?


What's one place you'll never visit again and why?
Denny’s- as I overdosed on too much Denny’s during a road trip from Texas to New Jersey about ten years ago, and now I would happily never set foot in a Denny’s again. 


If you could play one record for a cross-country road trip, what would it be?
Paul Simon’s Graceland album.


Travel and the movies go hand in hand. What cinema trip would you most like to have taken?
Out of Africa.

Whose footsteps would you most like to retrace?
I would love to summit Mount Kilimanjaro one day. Apparently Hans Meyers and Ludwig Purtscheller were the first to climb the mountain, and I’m sure many locals before them.

What’s the best meal you’ve had in the last year?
A meal of farm fresh veggies and pasta from a restaurant called Earth in Kennebunk, Maine.


You’re looking to disappear for a few days. Where do you go?


Tell us about one memento/souvenir you cherish from past travels. It likely lives on a shelf in your home or office.

Last June, I traveled with my FEED Team to Mozambique and Madagascar.  In a market in Madagascar I bought a beautiful little wood carving of a Buddha’s hand, and it is sitting on my fire mantle today.


Describe your luggage.

My new luggage is FEED!  We designed the FEED Weekender and Overnighter and the FEED Cosmetic case to be great utility canvas totes that are the perfect companions to any adventure.  I think the best luggage is luggage you don’t have to think about much- it just works and gets your belongings to and from different adventures. 


What’s the one place where you live that you always show out-of-towners?

The Highline park.


How does travel and seeing the world impact the work you do?

Travel is what inspired me to start FEED when I was a student in college. It was the process of travel and connecting with communities and families around the world that made me more empathetic to the plight of hungry people, especially children, around the world.


When you travel, do you prefer early mornings or late nights? Why?

Late nights because I am not a morning person. Also, I love to see how a place is transformed at night.


Fancy hotel in the city, log cabin in the woods, or cottage on the beach?

Cottage on the beach all the way!


In a word, what do you hope for most as a traveler?


Check out FEED'S travel collection, featuring Wildsam Field Guides, city patches and their new line of travel luggage.