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Thursday, May 04, 2017


Starting in 2017, WILDSAM will offer eight-week summer internships, located at our editorial headquarters in East Austin, Texas. Our aim with the internships is to offer real-world experience inside our growing travel publishing company. Interns will focus their work in one of two areas of WILDSAM:

Marketing & Social Media

Research & Content

For Summer Session, 2017, we will be accepting applications from May 5 to May 15. Applicants will most likely be rising college seniors or recent graduates, but we are open to unique scenarios. Qualities we look for include a spirit of enthusiasm and curiosity, resourcefulness and comfortability working on deadlines. For our marketing internship, a proven savvy with social media and digital marketing is key. Coursework along these lines will strengthen an application. For our content internship, a passion for the written word and cultural history is essential. Experience with interviewing, editorial assignments, blogging and archival research is a plus. 



Will these internships be paid?

Yes. An internship stipend will be provided to help cover living costs during the summer.


Do I need to move to Austin for the summer?

Yes. You’ll work side-by-side with our team in one of the greatest cities in America. This will be one of the highlights of the internship. Swimming holes, breakfast tacos, live tunes. We love Austin. 


Can I receive college credit for this?

If you can work out the details with your academic advisor, we'd be delighted. Just tell us where to sign. 


Will I travel during the internship?

Yes. More on that during the application phase.


What types of things will I learn during the internship?

Lots. Our intention is a robust and illuminating work experience. Here’s a few areas of our business that you’ll encounter: how the world of publishing and content is changing; how a brand uses social media; how to tell a story; how to sell a product online; how to build a wholesale business; how to run a digital advertising campaign; how to talk to customers; how to research and write a travel story; how to pitch custom publishing projects; how to cultivate a brand community. This will be a vigorous eight weeks of work. No boring afternoons of mindless paper shuffling allowed. 

One more thing: Each intern will have a core project that will be a significant part of the internship. You will concept the project, road map it out and bring it to life by the end of the eight weeks. 


Why is Wildsam hiring summer interns?

Three main reasons. First, we want to pay it forward. Way back when, we had career-defining internships, and we’d like to offer similar experiences. Second, our company is growing like crazy and we could benefit from the fresh thinking and hustle that comes with new people. Third, what we do is really fun. The more, the merrier.


What are the exact dates?

Monday, June 12 to Friday, August 4. The finishing date is a bit flexible. The starting date is not. During this time period, the internship is a full-time job.


How do I apply? 

Glad you asked. Step one is to send an email to with the subject line: I want to be a summer intern. Instructions will follow shortly thereafter. Good luck!