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The Giving Season

Friday, December 09, 2016

The best gifts come with a sense of where they're from. That's why we dialed up some of our favorite shops from all around the country and asked them which products were on their lists this year. The result is an awesomely diverse mix of American-made goods, from jacket-ready patches to Detroit’s most ingenious eyewear. 

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Jess Anderson - Oxford Exchange
Tampa, FL

"Toffee To-Go ($13-20)is a local favorite and a holiday must-have in Tampa. It is the perfect hostess gift or stocking stuffer. One piece of their toffee and you will be addicted."

Nina Gordon - Take Heart
Austin, TX

“Whether you are a native, new or "never-been" Texan, you'll enjoy reading HAIKU TEXAS by Kathleen Burke ($11), containing 19 haikus of experiences and well known parks and other places throughout the state. Plus, it was written by my mom, who was inspired by shop visitors looking for a meaningful memento of their Texas stay.”

John Christian Phifer - White's Mercantile
Nashville, TN

“Our custom patches (from $7, in store at White’s) are made locally by Brother's Supply and are great for adding to your favorite jean jacket or backpack. We collaborated on the Hank patch design.  We wanted something very Nashville and VERY ‘White's.’"

Rob Erni - Manready Mercantile
Houston, TX

"We love seeing folks around town repping our leather Texas key tags ($5), which we first conceived way back in Manready’s early days, when we were still cutting leather on our dining room table."

JJ McGowan - Teich Design
New York City

“Our Teich x Skinny Vinny drawstring packs ($40) are super-sturdy and well-made. And they’re produced in small quantities at the designer’s workshop in Bay Ridge. I carry mine everywhere.”

Jane Winslow - Ogden Museum Store
New Orleans, LA

“These handmade ceramic holiday ornaments are hand-fired locally by ceramist Miki Glasser (prices range,, who uses a needle to etch the blue designs into her pottery.”

Robert Stanzler - Detroit Mercantile
Detroit, MI

Sharklion eyewear (prices vary) are made from hand-laminated reclaimed wood and carbon fiber frames, and come prescription-ready. Plus, they're made here in Detroit. We’re their exclusive dealer in town.”

Becka Citron and Max Madden - Modern Anthology
Brooklyn, NY

“We are big fans of the women’s jewelry from K/LLER Collection (prices vary), almost entirely designed and manufactured in NYC. We also love In.Sek’s Concrete Boxes ($45), which are great for stashing salt/pepper or special things.”